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Regal Guitars
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Regal Arch Top 1930's
Click to enlargeClick to enlargeTop of the Range Regal made arch - top from the 1930's. Beautifully crafted arch - top with all wooden inlays. Rare model and not unlike the limited edition Gibson's that were made for export in very limited numbers during the same period.
Regal Dobro 1930's
Click to enlargeRegal made Dobro from the 1930's Model no. 25. I prefer these wood Dobro's to the all metal ones purely because the sound retains an acoustic reality when playing dual slide/picking pieces. Introduced by 1935 with 14 frets to the body, slotted - peghead. Great for Delta Blues slide and picking.
Regal Fancy 1930's
Click to enlargeFancy concert model made by Regal in the 1930's. Pearloid neck and fancy decals. Another rare find in the Americana genre.
Regal Tipple 1930's
Click to enlargeClick to enlargeRare 10 string Tipple made by Regal in the 1930's Another Estate Sale find. Lovely piece of Americana in A1 condition. It has multi coloured herring bone binding with a spruce top, birch back & sides and a rosewood fingerboard.
Regal Parlour 1930's
Click to enlargeClick to enlarge1930 era Regal Flat top. 12 fret slothead. All original except for new ebony fingerboard with original style inlays, replaces the original dyed board, new bone saddle and nut. Neck reset with graphite reinforcement added. All solid wood, spruce top, birch? back and side painted to look like rosewood. Maple ebonized original bridge. Bold herringbone inlay around the top, back, sound hole, and center back strip. Original tuners work fine. Transverse top bracing. Great sound, tight action. Very vaesatile.
Regal Concet
Click to enlargeClick to enlarge1930's Regal Concert 6 string. Superb Guitar. Joy to play and record.
Regal Semi Cutaway acoustic
Click to enlargeUnusual small bodided guitar made by Regal probably in the 50's or 60's. Haven't come accross another.
Regal Le Domino Big Boy
Click to enlargeClick to enlargeColourful name, was it made for guitarists with a manhood ego ? Not a lot of bass response but plenty of mid and top. Great guitar for Jug Band use and lead work.
Regal Floral
Click to enlargeSet up for slide playing. Decals on front.
Regal Arch Top
Click to enlarge1930's mid range arch top. Plays well.
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